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GE ResearchWhere Research Meets Reality.

GE Research is GE's innovation engine where new ideas are originated, developed, and productized to create a better world and deliver differentiated products across the company's industrial portfolio. These products span the aerospace, power, and health care sectors.  We are a world-class team of 1,000+ scientific, engineering, and marketing minds (600+ Ph. Ds), working at the intersection of physical and digital technologies, and across a broad set of industries to deliver world-changing innovations and capabilities for our customers.

We continue a strong track record in innovation and invention that began with our company's founder, Thomas Edison. GE scientists and engineers have distinguished themselves over time, amassing tens of thousands of patents, two Nobel prizes in chemistry and physics, and a list of inventions that have defined and redefined cutting edge technology generation after generation.

This rich legacy of delivering transformative innovation is thriving now more than ever.

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