ACC History

2021 ACC
General Chair: George Chiu, Program Chair: Kristi Morgansen
Virtual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana May 25-28

2020 ACC
General Chair: Santosh Devasia, Program Chair: Martha Grover
Virtual Conference, Denver, Colorado July 1-3

2019 ACC
General Chair:
 Douglas A. Lawrence, Program Chair: Andrea Serrani
Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 10-12

2018 ACC
General Chair: Jordan Berg, Program Chair: Zongli Lin
Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin June 27-29

2017 ACC
General Chair: Jing Sun, Program Chair: Rajesh Rajamani
Seattle Sheraton Hotel, Seattle, WA, May 24-26

2016 ACC
General Chair: Danny Abramovitch, Program Chair: George Chiu
Boston Marriott Copley Place, Boston, MA, July 6-8

2015 ACC
General Chair: Richard Braatz, Program Chair: Alessandro Astolfi
Hilton Palmer House, Chicago, IL, July 1-3

2014 ACC
General Chair: Dawn Tilbury, Program Chair: Gary Balas
Hilton Portland & Executive Tower, Portland, OR, June 4-6

2013 ACC
General Chair: Lucy Y. Pao, Program Chair: Daniel Y. Abramovitch
Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel, Washington, DC, June 17-19

2012 ACC
General Chair: Tariq Samad, Program Chair: Dawn Tilbury
Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, Montreal, Canada, June 27-29

2011 ACC
General Chair: Rahmat Shoureshi, Program Chair: Faryar Jabbari
San Francisco Hilton on O’Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA, June 29 – July 1

2010 ACC
General Chair: Glenn Y. Masada, Program Chair: Richard D. Braatz
Marriott Waterfront Hotel, Baltimore, MD, June 30-July 2

2009 ACC
General Chair: Karlene A. Hoo, Program Chair: John Chiasson
Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront, St. Louis, MO, June 10 – 12

2008 ACC
General Chair: Anuradha M. Annaswamy, Program Chair: Tariq Samad
Westin Seattle, Seattle, WA, June 11 – 13

2007 ACC
General Chair: Robert P. Judd, Program Chair: Linda G. Bushnell
Marriott Marquis Hotel at Times Square, New York, NY, July 11-13

2006 ACC
General Chair: Eduardo Misawa, Program Chair: Karlene A. Hoo
Hilton Minneapolis Hotel, Minneapolis, MN, June 14-16

2005 ACC
General Chair: Suhada Jayasuriya, Program Chair: S. N. Balakrishnan
Portand Hilton and Towers, Portland, OR, June 8-10

2004 ACC
General Chair: Jason Speyer, Program Chair: Lucy Y. Pao
Boston Sheraton Hotel, Boston, MA, June 30 – July 2

2003 ACC
General Chair: B. Wayne Bequette, Program Chair: Anuradha Annaswamy
Adams Mark Hotel, Denver, CO, June 4-6

2002 ACC
General Chair: R. R. Rhinehart, Program Chair: Eduardo A. Misawa
Anchorage Hilton Hotel, Anchorage, AK, May 8-10

2001 ACC
General Chair: Bruce H. Krogh, Program Chair: Wayne Bequette
Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington, VA, June 25-27

2000 ACC
General Chair: A. Galip Ulsoy, Program Chair: Suhada Jayasuriya
Hyatt Regency Hotel , Chicago, IL, June 28-30

1999 ACC
General Chair: Stephen Yurkovich, Program Chair: Pradeep Misra
Hyatt Regency Hotel, San Diego, CA, June 2-4

1998 ACC
General Chair: Joe H. Chow, Program Chair: Bonnie S. Heck
Adam’s Mark Hotel, Philadelphia, PA, June 24-26

1997 ACC
General Chair: Naim Kheir, Program Chair: Stephen Yurkovich
Hyatt Regency Hotel and DoubleTree Hotel, Albuquerque, NM, June 4-6

1996 ACC
None (IFAC in San Francisco)

1995 ACC
General Chair: Masayoshi Tomizuka, Program Chair: A. Galip Ulsoy
Westin Hotel, Seattle, WA, June 21 – 23

1994 ACC
General Chair: Hassan Khalil, Program Chair: Jeffrey Kantor
Stouffer Harborplace Hotel, Baltimore, MD, June 29-July 1

1993 ACC
General Chair: Abraham H. Haddad, Program Chair: Bruce H. Krogh
Westin St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, CA, June 2-4

1992 ACC
General Chair: Dale E. Seborg, Program Chair: B. Ross Barmish
Westin Hotel, Chicago, IL, June 24-26

1991 ACC
General Chair: Timothy L. Johnson, Program Chair: Masayoshi Tomizuka
Boston Park Plaza Hotel, Boston, MA, June 26-28

1990 ACC
General Chair: Dagfinn Gangsaas, Program Chair: Eliezer Gai
Sheraton Harbor Island Hotel, San Diego, CA, May 23-25

1989 ACC
General Chair: H. Vincent Poor, Program Chair: Marija Ilic
Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel and Towers, Pittsburgh, PA, June 21-23

1988 ACC
General Chair: Wayne J. Book, Program Chair: Hassan Khalil
Atlanta Hilton Hotel and Towers, Atlanta, GA, June 15-17

1987 ACC
General Chair: Thomas F. Edgar, Program Chair: Jason L. Speyer
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Minneapolis, MN, June 10-12

1986 ACC
General Chair: Edwin B. Stear, Program Chair: Daniel Alspach
Seattle Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Seattle, WA, June 18-20

1985 ACC
General Chair: Yaakov Bar-Shalom, Program Chair: David Wormley
Boston Mariott Hotel, Copley Place, Boston, MA, June 19-21

1984 ACC
General Chair: Herbert E. Rauch, Program Chair: Leonard Shaw
Hyatt Islandia Hotel, San Diego, CA, June 6-8

1983 ACC
General Chair: Harish S. Rao, Program Chair: Peter Dorato
Sheraton-Palace Hotel, San Francisco, CA, June 22-24

1982 ACC
General Chair: Michael J. Rabins, Program Chair: Yaakov Bar-Shalom
Sheraton National Hotel, Arlington, VA, June 14-16

1960-1981 Joint Automatic Control Conference (JACC)

1981 JACC
General Chair: James W. Moore, Program Chair: Steven L. Dickerson
Charlottsville, VA, June 17-19

1980 JACC
General Chair: Bernard Friedland, Program Chair: H. Austin Spang
San Francisco, CA, August 13-15

1979 JACC
Conference Chair: W. Fred Ramirez, Program Chair: T. F. Edgar
Denver, CO, June 17-21

1978 JACC
General Chair: Harlan J. Perlis, Program Chair: Chun H. Cho
Philadelphia, PA, June 17-21

1977 JACC
General Chair: J. S. Meditch, Program Chair: G. N. Saridis
San Francisco, CA, June 22-24

1976 JACC
General Chair: R. E. Goodson, Program Chair: C. L. Nachtigal
Lafayette, IN, July 27-30

1975 JACC
None (IFAC in Boston)

1974 JACC
General Chair: Cecil L. Smith, Program Chair: Morton M. Denn
Austin, TX, July 18-21

1973 JACC
General Chair: Herman R. Weed, Program Chair: Robert E. Larson
Columbus, OH, June 20-22

1972 JACC
General Chair: Daniel B. DeBra, Program Chair: Walter K. Waymeyer
Stanford, CA, August 16-18

1971 JACC
General Chair: John Zaborszky, Program Chair: Roger Brockett
St. Louis, MO, August 11-13

1970 JACC
General Chair: Eugene Harrison, Program Chair: Donald W. Lyons
Atlanta, GA, June 22-26

1969 JACC
General Chair: Otis L. Updike, Program Chair: W. E. Schiesser
Boulder, CO, August 5-7

1968 JACC
General Chair: Louis F. Kazda, Program Chair: Michael Athans
Ann Arbor, MI, June 26-28

1967 JACC
Conference Chair: Donald A. Rodgers, Program Chair: Gary K. L. Chien
Philadelphia, PA, June 28-30

1966 JACC
General Chair: Robert N. Clark, Program Chair: Arthur E. Bryson, Jr.
Seattle, WA, August 17-19

1965 JACC
Conference Chair: Sidney Lees, Program Chair: J. M. Moore
Troy, NY, June 22-25

1964 JACC
Conference Chair: Gene F. Franklin, Program Chair: L. A. Zadeh
Stanford, CA, June 24-26

1963 JACC
General Chair: Theodore J. Williams, Program Chair: Otis L. Updike
Minneapolis, MN, June 19-21

1962 JACC
Conference Chair: Arthur S. Robinson, Program Chair: Anthony J. Hornfeck
New York, NY, June 27-29

1961 JACC
General Chair: Raymond K. Adams, Program Chair: H. M. Paynter
Boulder, CO, June 28-30

1960 JACC
General Chair: William D. Archibald,
Cambridge, MA September7-9

National Automatic Control Conference (NACC)
1959 NACC, Dallas, TX

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