Rapid Interactive (RI) Session

The RI sessions are: WeA14-WeA16, WeB14-WeB16, WeC14-WeC16, ThA15-ThA16, ThB15-ThB16, FrA14-FrA16, FrB14-FrB16, FrC14-FrA15. Each RI session consists of 12 papers and lasts for 90 minutes.



  • Please go the room of the associated session for a three-minute presentation. Please arrive in the session room at least five minutes before the session begins and be sure to let the session chairs know you are there. The session room is equipped with LCD projector and Windows Laptop with PowerPoint and Acrobat PDF reader for the short (3 minutes) presentations. The recommended slide size is 16*9 in Please do your best to use the room laptop and upload your PPT file on it before the beginning of the session. If you need to use your own laptop due to special occasions (only in case of special software for your presentation or in case of major compatibility problems), please check the connection with the projector before the session starts. There will be a volunteer at the podium to help you if you need it. Each speaker will be allocated a total of three minutes for their talk (plan a talk on 2:50 to be safe!). After three minutes, the talk time will shift to the next speaker. The session (co)chair will perform three-minute countdown to aid the speaker in keeping track of time. You will be introduced by name and institution. Give the title of your paper. 
  • Immediately after Speaker 12 finishes the three-minute presentation, every speaker will go to your assigned station for your digital poster in the same session room using your own laptop to connect to a TV screen provided for the poster session. The poster session will take 54 minutes. You will be provided with a TV screen to demonstrate your digital poster. Both HDMI connection and VGA adapters will be provided for your laptop. Please bring any other required adapters by yourself. There will be a fixed sign with the code of your paper so attendees can find you easily. The digital poster should be set in the landscape orientation. Questions and discussions will happen during the poster sessions. You are responsible for remaining by the digital poster till the end of the session. If there are people waiting to talk to you, limit your discussion with any one attendee. Schedule a time later to get together to discuss in more detail. If you have more than one author for your paper, we recommend you have two authors at your poster station. This allows one author to walk around and talk to other authors of thematically-related papers while the second author presents the work.

RI Session Timetable

Total Session Time: 90 mins

Three-minutes lightning talk

Speaker 1

3 mins

Speaker 2

3 mins

Speaker 3

3 mins

Speaker 4

3 mins

Speaker 5

3 mins

Speaker 6

3 mins

Speaker 7

3 mins

Speaker 8

3 mins

Speaker 9

3 mins

Speaker 10

3 mins

Speaker 11

3 mins

Speaker 12

3 mins

Digital Poster Session


Session Chairs/Co-Chairs

  • Session Chairs and Co-Chairs must be at the room of the assigned session 10 min before it starts. There will be a table and two chairs for them at the front of the room, next to the podium. The session (Co)-Chairs welcome the presenters and make sure the presenters are in the correct session and assigned order. A volunteer will be there to assist too. Mainly, you are responsible for the strict compliance with the RI session timetable.
  • At the start of the session, check in with the presenter of each of the 12 papers to welcome them. The (Co)-Chairs will briefly present the session (just by its title), and make it start. There should be a 30 second gap between the end of one talk and the beginning of the next one, during which time you introduce each speaker and their organization.
  • Once the 12th presenter finishes their 3 min talk, the Chair (or co-Chair) will make the digital poster session starts immediately. Then, presenters will go to their assigned monitor and connect their laptops for the poster session. A volunteer will help when needed.
  • (Co)-Chair will announce the end of the poster session punctually at 90 min on the clock and presenters leave the monitors and the room.
  • Please assess the work of each paper for whether it would be suitable for the O. Hugo Schuck award: https://a2c2.org/awards/o-hugo-schuck-best-paper-award

The information below provides an introduction to RI sessions and to help authors prepare for the conference.

What is an RI session?

Each RI session consists of a sequential three-minute presentations for each paper followed by a live, interactive digital poster session. This format enables authors to reach a greater audience for their research while at the same time encouraging more in-depth individual interactions during the digital poster session.  For 2022 ACC, each RI session will consist of 12 papers.

More specifically, RI sessions will have the following format:

  1. Presentation: Total of 12 three-minute presentations are given back-to-back. Examples of presentations and instructions for authors are given below. 
  2. Interactive Digital Poster Session: During the session authors will be available to discuss their work in detail with a digital poster of their work in an assigned station with a TV screen in the room. Twelve stations will be provided for the twelve posters. Posters can be created using Power Point, for example, and may include results in the form of images, graphs, text, etc.  Attendees will walk around the rooms and interact with presenters to ask questions about their work.

What does this mean for RI presenters?


Your RI presentation is only 3 minutes – this is strictly enforced. So, it is important to make sure you are conveying the most important aspects of your work to the audience. This means you may not have time to give a detailed literature review or all the details of every equation in your paper. It is suggested that you motivate your work and then focus on 1 or 2 main points (maybe a theorem and an experimental result). Your goal is to tell the audience why what you are doing is novel and cool to entice them to come talk with you during the interactive digital poster session after your “technical pitch talk”.


  • One way to treat this talk is like a marketing pitch. Try to get the audience excited about your work so they will come visit your digital poster afterwards.
  • Practice your talk! You only have 3 minutes at which point you will be stopped. Shoot for 2 minutes 50 seconds to be sure. Time your talk and be prepared.
  • More hints on making effective short research talks

Examples of RI talks

Interactive Digital Poster Session

After the three-minute RI presentations, an interactive digital poster session will take place. In general, preparation for the digital poster is similar to a traditional poster. Attendees will move through the space and interact with you to ask questions about your work.