Special Issue

AUTOTESTCON 2023 Special Issue

A selection of papers presented at the AUTOTESTCON 2022 will be invited to submit an extended version to the AUTOTESTCON 2023 Special Issue in IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine.

Selected papers must be framed in the proper context of Instrumentation and Measurement.

Selection Criteria

The manuscript MUST be extended beyond the scope of the proceedings paper and should have at least 50-60% of new content with respect to the conference paper. Papers are expected to have technical content, but primarily they should present to the wide audience a general overview of the scientific subject addressed. Contributions dealing with Open Problems in instrumentation and measurement are very welcome, presenting challenging and ambitious solutions which could be assisted by current and advancing technology.

In order to shape manuscripts within the scope of the Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine, please visit the following authors guidelines here.

The submission deadline is January 11, 2023.