Online Video Presentation Format

How to Prepare to Present your Paper/Poster at ACC 2021

ACC 2021 is planning for a full online conference hosted through PaperPlaza and Spatial.Chat.  We will be offering different options for you to prepare and present your paper and/or poster.  

  1. Presenting your paper in an Invited or standard session:

Your presentation will take the form of a pre-recorded video, which we will make available to conference attendees through the online conference program.  This format is REQUIRED for contributed and invited papers (12-minute presentation with 3 minutes Q&A).

  1. [REQUIRED] You can upload a video of your presentation by Thursday, April 15, through PaperPlaza.  Your presentation will be played during your scheduled presentation date and time according to the conference program.  For contributed and invited paper presentations, after your video presentation plays, the Session Chair/Co-Chair will open the floor for 3 minutes for you to take and answer questions. Please see details below on how to prepare your presentation for upload.
  2. [OPTIONAL] All traditional format presentations have the option of providing a three-minute video that will be provided asynchronously to the conference participants. All videos must be uploaded by Thursday, April 15.
  3. Presenting your paper in a Rapid-Interactive (RI) session:

RI sessions have two components: (1) the 3-minute presentation component and (2) digital poster component.

  1. A video presentation is REQUIRED for all Rapid-Interactive (RI) presentations. This is a 3-minute presentation with no Q&A. You must upload a video of your presentation by Thursday, April 15, through PaperPlaza.  The videos for each session will be concatenated, in order, into a single 60 minute video loop that will play twice during the session in one of the Spatial.Chat room zones for the RI session.
  2. A poster for the interaction session is REQUIRED for all Rapid-Interactive presentations. You must upload a PNG copy of the poster by Thursday, April 15, through PaperPlaza.  During the full two-hour RI session, you will have an assigned zone in the room for the interactive part of your paper.  The poster will be pre-loaded into the zone and attendees will come visit you to ask more detailed questions.
How to Prepare Your Video Presentation for Upload:
  1. Please use the following guidelines to prepare your video:
    1. Duration:
  2. Rapid-Interactive (RI) presentations:3-minute max. video presentation
  3. Contributed and invited paper presentations:12-minute max. video presentation
  4. Optional 3-minute video presentation: 3-minute max. video presentation
    1. File size limit: 100MB file
    2. Minimum resolution: 854×480
    3. Aspect ratio: 16:9
  5. Video format: Prepare your video file in mp4 format. Please DO NOT upload Powerpoint or PDF files.
  6. If you are having challenges with the file size, please consider limiting the horizontal lines to 720 and/or using a compression tool such as the one here:
  7. You are also kindly required to submit a release form with your video (signed copy in PDF or JPG), as it is not covered by the original copyright transfer. The deadline for the submission is April 15.
  8. While we are unable to provide individualized technical support to help you create your video, the following possible approaches can be used:
    1. [Easiest and Recommended] Record your presentation on your computer using Zoom.  To do so, create a Zoom meeting, then use the share screen feature to share your own presentation and present your own work while recording your own voice.  Afterwards, download your video, then check the file’s compatibility with the requirements stated above in terms of file format, size, aspect ratio, etc.  Upload your video to PaperPlaza by April 15.
    2. For iPad users, apps such as Explain EDU can be used to present Powerpoint slides and record your voice simultaneously, then the video file can be saved and uploaded to PaperPlaza.  This option, however, requires you to purchase the Explain EDU app.  This app is also nice for making online video instruction videos or lectures if you later decide to present your work to others or teach in an online format.
    3. Another useful tool to record your presentation is Loom. It lets you record quickly a screencast with voiceover and your face. It’s quite easy to turn a PPT into a fine presentation video; consider checking this out.
  9. Please note the above specifications will be checked at the time of submission and files not meeting them will be prevented from being uploaded.  The corresponding author can login to their workspace and follow the link to upload (or re-upload) the video presentation file until the deadline.
  10. Except for the above duration and digital constraints, the form of the presentation is left free (though please be sure the video includes the title of the paper, the authors, and a reference to ACC 2021) so it is easy for the session organizers to identify the video.
  11. Please start early: given that the resulting video files will be very large, they might need a long time to transfer.